Art is an essential element of my life.  There is a yearning in my soul to create, and a calling that I must answer.  When everything starts to come together and I’m “in the zone,” it’s pure magic.  I am constantly exploring new techniques and mediums, while continuing to hone my skills on those already familiar to me.  An inspired new work is a creation waiting to happen and brings with it a sense of excitement and pure joy.


I'm honored and humbled that my artwork and handcrafted creations have brought beauty and joy to the lives of so many. Here are just a few of the kind words and praise that my work has received. You can read more reviews HERE.

"Today I received my Tracie Joyner original in the mail. I'm overjoyed with the way it turned out. The piece is extremely special and a surprise for a loved one. It's a once in a lifetime, one of a kind gift, and I'm absolutely thrilled and in awe of Tracie's talent. You will not regret having her capture your special moments!"
~ Markie Childers Banks ~

"This is a stunning light fixture. It's like Restoration Hardware but a fourth of the price and truly one of a kind. Tracie accommodated my color scheme and was incredibly responsive. I highly recommend her."
~ Sally Agger ~

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