About Me

I grew up surrounded by the beauty of nature. As a child, I enjoyed making things by hand, and I loved to draw and paint. I often wrote and illustrated my own stories. I was introduced to new art forms in high school, including jewelry design, cloisonné, and working with sterling silver and other metals.

I was also a math geek and had every intention of studying computer science in college. As luck would have it, I won the very first art show that I entered during my senior year of high school. So, of course, I decided to major in art instead :)   I attended Appalachian State University where I explored a variety of techniques, including drawing, painting, photography, woodworking, typography, graphic design, silkscreen, and printmaking.

After college, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and obtained a job as Art Director for a collegiate national honor society. I oversaw and helped design all marketing and visual materials, and I used my calligraphy skills to hand letter the membership certificates.

By pure chance, I obtained a receptionist job at a law firm in 1988 when I was pregnant with my first son. Little did I know that it would turn into a fulfilling lifelong career as a paralegal. I truly enjoy my work and am able to use my creative juices to design visual aids and exhibits for trials. My job flexibility allows me the time and freedom to explore new mediums and continue to create artwork on my own terms. Art will always be an integral part of my soul. I'm honored and humbled that my artwork and handcrafted creations have brought beauty and joy to the lives of so many. You can read some of the kind words and praise that my work has received HERE.

I love the beach, traveling, home remodeling projects, good food and wine, and spending time with friends and family. But my greatest accomplishment by far has been the two wonderful young men who I raised as a single mom. And I will continue to forever be #inspiredbytrevis ♥ ♥

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